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Event Brief

Modern life has given rise to new form of pollution called noise pollution.  No one on our planet can escape the unwanted sound, also known as noise, a disturbance to our environment rising so rapidly as to become one of the major threats to the quality of our lives. We live on a crowded world, a place where background noise is an accepted part of everyday life.

Noise affects various people in diverse environments. Studies indicate that increases in noise levels have an impact on the health and the quality of life of people. Mostly, noise is a low priority issue but lately most legislation dictate that noise needs to be dealt with.

The logical solution here is to incorporate a noise control and vibration isolation strategy. Hazardous noise can be controlled by reducing the noise output at its source, minimizing the noise as it travels along a path to the listener, and providing equipment to the listener or receiver to attenuate the noise.    In many cases, most of the simple noise and vibration reduction measures have already been taken and further noise and vibration reduction involves much more sophisticated experimental and theoretical approaches. Significant progress has been made in recent years in making quieter machinery, appliances, vehicles and aircraft. The trainer will present a state-of–the-art review, basics, numerical analysis and possible solutions for acoustics, noise and vibration control for practicing engineers and scientists. 

Course Objective
  • Understand vibro-acoustics principles
  • Understand practical issues and problems associated with after-effects of poorly designed products in various industrial applications.
  • Learn concepts of noise and vibration control and the importance of quiet design of products.
  • Learn options for controlling excessive noise in the workplace.
  • Improve theoretical and practical skills in noise and vibration control. 
  • Optimize noise and vibration control using numerical analysis.
  • Learn advanced noise and vibration control solutions
Course Agenda

For more details on course agenda, please click here

Who Should Attend
  • Executives, managers, engineers and researchers from manufacturing, service, Industry and government organizations including R&D laboratories.
  • Student at all levels (MSc/MTech/PhD) or Faculty from academic institutions and technical institutions.

Course Pre-Requisite
A four year engineering degree and substantial work experience is expected to follow the materials covered in this course. An interactive style instruction will promote onsite learning, exchange of relevant technical information, and reinforcement of the information learned in the workshop. 

Training Venue
To be updated
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What past delegates said about our past training courses?

The trainer is very knowledgeable and the materials was very well organized and delivered. We have gained a comprehensive understanding in radar system for radar application. Thanks a lot!.”

Senior Member of Technical Staff, DSO National Laboratories

Radar Systems Design and Engineering, July 2012


K2B International has a good selection of trainer. The trainer is knowledgeable and his presentation was clear.”

Research Engineer, Electronic Systems Division, DSO National Laboratories

Radar Systems Design and Engineering, July 2012


The course was well presented and the trainer showed good knowledge of topics.”

Senior Software Engineer, ST Aerospace

Radar Signal Processing 2010