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Event Brief

This course provides an introduction to Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) using the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) and Unified Modeling Language (UML).

The course is designed to provide background knowledge through a sequence of lectures followed by application of the knowledge gained through in-class exercises using a state of the art SysML/UML tool (provided for use during the course).

Topics include requirements capture and specification, identifying top-level use cases and operational scenarios using activity diagrams, developing a functional block model of the system, decomposition of the system identifying external and internal interfaces, categorization of interfaces and the generation of specification documents from the model.

The course’s lecture and exercises will focus on a generic communications system so the information gained can be utilized in any environment.

The exercise will include analysis of use cases and scenarios using the capability to execute activity diagrams interactively, the development and execution of state machines in the modeling tool to simulate functional behavior, and the generation of specification documents directly from the modeling tool.

The hands-on exercises are organized collaboratively with the attendees organized into multiple teams so that a sharing of ideas may occur. Each team will be responsible for a specific element of the system and will develop a model for their aspect of the system. The concept developed by each team will be discussed and then will be integrated into the model.

Course Objective

This course addresses key skills and capabilities necessary for effective specification and development of complex systems. For example:

  • Participating in or leading a project using Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).
  • Managing project complexity using a Systems Modeling Language (SysML) tool.
  • Coordinating a heterogeneous engineering team.
  • Performing collaborative systems specification and evaluation via operational scenario simulation.
  • Reducing cost and effort by generating specification documents directly from the model.
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    Course Agenda

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    Who Should Attend

    This course provides essential knowledge and hands-on experience in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) techniques and tools for both engineering and technical management staff engaged in system requirements specification, system architecture, functional modeling and software design for complex systems

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    The trainer is very knowledgeable and the materials was very well organized and delivered. We have gained a comprehensive understanding in radar system for radar application. Thanks a lot!.”

    Senior Member of Technical Staff, DSO National Laboratories

    Radar Systems Design and Engineering, July 2012


    K2B International has a good selection of trainer. The trainer is knowledgeable and his presentation was clear.”

    Research Engineer, Electronic Systems Division, DSO National Laboratories

    Radar Systems Design and Engineering, July 2012


    The course was well presented and the trainer showed good knowledge of topics.”

    Senior Software Engineer, ST Aerospace

    Radar Signal Processing 2010